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Entry #1


2008-11-12 18:25:07 by MEgapopsicle

you're all fags!


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2008-11-13 10:23:13

haha, what a noob!

MEgapopsicle responds:

that's what she said!


2008-11-13 16:27:08

Seconded. If you have no flash talent and want to pay people out, try I'm sure you'll be welcomed there.


MEgapopsicle responds:

cmon i was CCCLLLLEEAAARRRLLLY being sarcastic


2009-10-27 23:42:13

your right, i dont know about ccs coding or anything like that, and i dont have a grey blocked prototype...i wish i did, i have my artist and im sure she can do all that, im the author the story and eveything that needs to be said comes from me...the animator of course does all that, and the programmer does the bugs and fixes it, all together to make one awesome kick ass game, that all can take credit for.


2009-10-28 04:17:29

my artist

(Updated ) MEgapopsicle responds:

She's alright. She needs to work on color and composition.


2009-11-15 00:47:37

Those example's you posted on the thread about a flash team are heaps good how come you haven't submitted anything?

MEgapopsicle responds:

Because I can start animations, but I cant ever get myself to finish them.

I could submit to the art portal however.